Welcome to my academic website.

I am a lecturer at the Graduate School of Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. For my PhD project at the Departments of Political Science of Leiden University and the University of Antwerp I conducted multifactorial survey experiments with political journalists and politicians in Switzerland and the Netherlands to study how media influence politics and vice versa. The study was part of a larger project by Prof. Peter Van Aelst funded by the Dutch Scientific Organization NWO with PhD and Postdoctoral positions.

I received my research master in Communication Science from the University of Amsterdam in 2011 (with honors) and have a bachelor from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland).

My research interests include multivariate/factorial experimental approaches (i.e. factorial survey or choice experiments) and studying media effects on elites such as politicians or CEO’s in a comparative setting.

Researchgate profile

Luzia Helfer


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