If you think you might interested in any of the materials I used for these courses just get in touch.


  • Upcoming Factorial Survey Workshop at the University of Lucerne in October 2018 (2 days). Some spots might be available for additional participants (contact me).
  • Two-day workshop at the Methods and Data Institute, Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Nottingham in January 2018. Invitation by Prof. Cees van der Eijk, approx. 10 faculty members.
  • One-day introductory workshop at the Department of Political Science, Leiden University in the summer 2014.  invitation of Dr. Daniela Stockmann, approx. 5 faculty members and guests.
  • Two-day advanced workshop with a focus on data analyses and publication at the University of Antwerp in 2013. With Dr. Carsten Sauer (University of Bielefeld) for approx. 9 participants from various Belgian and Dutch Universities.


  • Co-Promotor of Anina Hanimann, University of Lucerne (from spring 2018)
    Working title: “What policy actors believe in – How do voters and members of parliament judge the credibility of expert statements?”



  • Supervision of MA theses (from spring 2018)


Coordinator of the Honours Programme for exceptional BA students (fall 2017)


  • Statistical Modelling for Communication Research (BA, fall 2017, flipped classroom setting)
  • Research Methods: Experiments (BA seminar, fall 2016)
  • Research Methods tailored to the Thesis: Experiments (MA seminar, spring 2016)


  • Design and lead of the “Pressure Cooker”, a three-dayworkshop where students learn transferable skills & teamwork by working on a challenge provided by an outside partner (fall 2016 & fall 2017)
  • Strategic Communication In Organizations (MA module, fall 2016 & spring 2017)
  • Supervisor of MA theses (from spring 2016, 17 individual students)
  • Supervisor of BA theses (from fall 2016, 13 students)
  • Supervisor of BA internships (from fall 2016)


  • Mediatization of Politics (fall 2015)
    Elective in the undergraduate program, independent design and teaching of full course
  • Politics & Media (fall 2014) Undergraduate program, working groups
  • Politics & Media (fall 2013) Undergraduate program, working groups

GUEST LECTURES (selection)

  • Seminar Parlamentsforschung mit Schwerpunkt Schweiz (spring 2017), guest lecture on the relationship between media and politicians, seminar by Prof. Thomas Widmer, University of Zurich/Switzerland
  • Seminar Medien und Demokratie [Media and Democracy] (spring 2015), guest lecture in seminar by Prof. Dr. Regula Hänggli, University of Fribourg/Switzerland
  • Democratie in Nederland [Democracy in the Netherlands] (spring 2015), guest lecture on the media’s political influence, Higher Education for Elderly (HOVO) course by Prof. Dr. Joop van Holsteyn